Tea Party!!

Oops, I planned to post this on Wednesday as usual, but I got a little preoccupied with life! Anywhooo… BC just celebrated a newly added stat holiday, Family Day. I personally had a great day with my husband and kids and think it is a good idea. I always thought February could use a day off! We celebrated with city Lego themed activities and a free concert downtown from local band Current Swell -check them out!

In my Canadian way, I try to support a few shows on the CBC, Dragons Den being one of my favorites (much prefering it to the US counterpart, Shark Tank). After watching one night I saw an awesome pitch for  a company called Steeped Tea. It is basically a Tupperware, Epicure, Avon type of sales model but for tea! I loooovvvee tea and since I have been trying to eat healthy, a flavorful tea is so great for subduing evening sugar cravings.

I decided to look the company up, do a bit of research and then host my own tea party (complete with tea sandwiches and scones)!

Due to illness and other reasons, only a few girls were able to make it, but we still had fun, got to try some amazing stuff and eat yummy food…  and check out the beautiful cake my friend Jenn just “whipped up”!


**DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsored or do not work for this company, just an honest product review**

For the party I made some adorable tea sandwiches with inspiration from my friend over at Busted Button . I interpreted her recipe, along with her original source, the Oprah website.


I made the egg salad almost exactly to the recipe (minus the herb garnish -couldn’t be bothered, and tarragon -none at the grocery store). This was probably one of the best egg salads I have ever had -it has BACON in it! This was one of those things that got me thinking, “why didn’t I think of that!” I mean bacon & eggs…. duh!

I made a simple cucumber and cream cheese which was yummy. I threw a tub of regular cream cheese in the mixer and added some dried dill… then it occured to me that you can probably just buy dill flavored cream cheese -oh well! I used a mandoline to slice the cukes, dried them on paper towel and spread a “healthy” portion of cream cheese on each slice of bread with a single layer of cukes.

The last sandwich I made was ham and swiss -pretty basic, I mixed up a ratio of 2 parts mayo to 1 part mustard for this sandwich.

Along with the tea sandwiches, I bought some scones from Cobs Bread and cut them each into 4 to make perfectly bite size pieces. I HIGHLY recommend the apple butterscotch scone! The bread for the sandwiches was also from Cobs and I had it sliced quite thinly.

I also made a pitcher of iced tea, ghetto style. I bought No Name brand peach drink and mixed 2 packages with half the amount of water it calls for. Then I boiled a large pot of water, added 4 tea bags (Orange pekoe), and let it steep for about an hour. I mixed the tea and the peach drink, chilled overnight and voila -peach iced tea. I call it “ghetto” because it seemed a bit white trash to serve compared to the gourmet tea we were going to be sampling!

I thought it would be nice to review the teas I purchased for you guys in case you want to try some of your own sometime:

Earl Grey de la Creme: I am a huge fan of Earl Grey and this did not dissapoint! It was smooth and creamy and not too perfumy like some teas can be. I didn’t even use milk in it, which I normally would!

Amaretto: I was not expecting to like this one because I am not generally a fan of amaretto flavored things, but this is yummy! It is a rooibos tea, caffeine-free and a really good choice for an evening sweet fix! **Note: This is the 1st tea we have run out of!**

Monks Blend: A black tea with vanilla and fruity flavors, this is probably my favorite after the Earl Grey.

Toffee Dream: A white tea with a subtle flavor. Similar to a green tea but a bit lighter, less bitter. I prefer the “Toffee Crunch” rooibos tea, which packs a lot more flavor, but this is good in a milder way.

Iron Goddess Oolong: I ordered this one because it is supposed to be good for encouraging weight-loss and appetite suppressing. To me it just tastes like a good, non-bitter green tea, not sure what the difference between green and oolong is.

Irish Breakfast: A really great black tea, perfect way to start the day.

Peppy Peppermint: Peppermint tea is one of my favorites, and is great with a sore or too full tummy. This tea is super potent and a great mint tea. I add cream to my peppermint tea which people always think is strange -what about you guys?

Along with all the teas, I also ordered a really neat glass travel mug with a tea infuser inside… glass mug and flailing 3 year old is apparently not a good combo, so I no longer have the mug. On the lookout for a similar style in PLASTIC!

Thanks again to the girls who made it out the party, and to our lovely hostess Sarah. If anyone wants any information about how to host a tea party of your own, or order product go to the Steeped Tea website.

Have a great weekend : )



Skinny Superbowl Snacks

If you are anything like me, the only NFL game you watch of the year is the Super Bowl! I normally can’t stand watching, but it sure is a great excuse to get together with friends, drink, and eat some ridiculous food!

Feb 013 (2)

Hubby & Me, 2011 Super Bowl (cheering for the Steelers)!

Normally we get together with a couple that we are good friends with (who have a new little baby only 5 weeks older than our baby girl) and eat our faces off! Since I am trying to stick with healthy, and have been experimenting with vegan food (that is a whooollllleeee ‘nother topic that I will get into later), I wanted to still get together and have fun without gaining 5 lbs. Automatic bonus for me, I couldn’t drink my calories because I am still nursing!

Here are the guilt-free recipes I made for a (Skinny) Sunday Funday that you can try at your next gathering, be it a hockey game, birthday, or just hanging out with friends. I got the Beer-garita recipe from Pinterest, and the food recipes from an article on BuzzFeed (majorly addictive time-sucker website) called “19 Delicious Vegan Super Bowl Snacks”. Forgive my pictures, I am by no means a photographer! Click the recipe titles to go to the original links.

Skinny Beer-garitas
These “beer-garitas” were pretty darn good. The only complaint was that they came out a bit too sweet, I used Splenda, which I don’t really like, but happened to have on hand. Next time I think I would use less sweetener and sub for Stevia or some agave syrup. DSC03001Also, I would recommend straining out the lime zest from the limeade before freezing. Other than that, it worked out super well. I made it the night before and kept it in the freezer and it stayed the perfect slushy consistency. I used beer my husband had bought, Phillips Blue Buck, a great easy drinker from a local brewery. Give these easy refreshing drinks a try and let me know what you think! (Did I mention it is only 4 ingredients?!)


Stuffed Jalapenos
Yum! This recipe will fool anyone into thinking they are eating something to feel guilty about, just make sure you don’t eat the whole plate like I almost did! These are great for a party, easy to eat, and are a great offering for carnivores and vegans alike! The recipe suggests you use Daiya dairy-free cheese, which I did and it is an awesome substitute! Don’t worry about the heat with these either, the longer you bake, the less spicy they get.


Spinach & Artichoke Dip
This dip is normally one of my favorite appetizers to order at restaurants, although it is probably one of the most fattening. I decided to try a dairy and (almost) fat-free version and it turned out great. The only problem was that I don’t have a food processor so it could have been a touch smoother, but other than that it was delicious and quite filling as it was basically my Super Bowl supper! I even added a touch of the Daiya cheese and it was perfect.


Thanks again for stopping by. If you give any of these recipes a try, let me know how it goes. Also -feel free to share any of your favorite “skinny” party foods!